About Me


Life Coach | Solution Focus Therapist | Speaker


My approach to Coaching as well as Therapy is very practical.  I am here to help normalize your problem/concern, provide you with tools that will help clarify and sharpen your focus on your goals.  As we continue to process together, it will become clear what actions you can take that will bring the results that you want.   I integrate my experience and training in clinical psychology with a forty-year dedication to my Yoga and meditation practice, creating a nurturing and caring space where clients can feel safe to explore their personal and professional conflicts.

In working with many professionals in the Arts and Business I’ve learned quite a bit about why they just can’t seem to sell the pitch, close the deal or find a quality partner.  You may not know it, but there might be some unresolved SHAME issues in your life .  Those who are in the position of offering you employment on an unconscious level, can see your unresolved shame.  It could be something from your past which is resurfacing, or simply a bad habit that’s tripped you up one too many times  on interviews.  If these issues are not explored and resolved, you become a spectator in your life rather than a participant.

Having a Masters in clinical psychology as well as being a Life Coach, I bring a thousand plus hours of experience with clients, many, who perhaps like you, have been out of work for years, or have graduated and have not succeeded past the first phone interview in securing a position.  I offer you 20 to 30 minutes FREE, as an initial consult.  


  In addition to my professional work, I have been a committed volunteer in the AIDS community.  I have an in-depth knowledge of the process of death and dying which has altered how I view the world and how I listen to a client. I am also the founder and Executive Director of “Under the Bridges and On the Street”, a not for-profit foundation which serves the homeless of Los Angeles County.  I believe in giving back to the community and teaching others to be volunteers as well.  Volunteering is something that I have always done, and the benefits of doing it on a consistent basis are immeasurable. I have served on the boards in a variety of community organizations for over twenty-seven years.  I am registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 hr. teacher, and have been practicing and teaching Yoga and meditation for over thirty-eight years.  I also hold a Black Belt in Taekwondo and believe in my intuitive nature as the compass that continues to guide me.  I received an MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University and an MA in communications from University of Michigan.  I have completed internships at: -Los Angeles Free Clinic -The Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Service Center -The Trauma Survivors Treatment and Training Center -The Los Angeles Child Guidance Center -Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine.  I specialize in the following:

  • Individual and couples coaching
  • Launching from home or school
  • Male mid-life transitions 
  • Men recovering from childhood sexual abuse
  • Coaching for the Executive Interview
  • Adolescent issues/ Structuring your life as you grow into a successful adult.
  • Career change & Transitions
  • Yoga and the power of the breath.

Confidentiality- All information, records and phone consultations obtained in the course of your counseling shall be held in strictest of confidence and privacy and will not be disclosed to any person or agency without your written permission.