One comment on “One Client’s feelings of Depression

  1. This is very interesting. I have shared these exact feelings and fears. My experience for the last 20 something years clean in recovery from my pleasure seeking or more true to fact self destructive behavior has brought me through even more intense situations that used to “freeze” me in my tracks. I can not help noticing for me the drug free method of living has been an eye opener. I do believe my addiction surfaced through my actions trying to deal with the crippling depression that seemed unstoppable at the time. I was so beat up and numb by the self prescribed medication for ten years I chose to refuse taking any more. Without going too much farther other to say being drug free has not been a perfect solution. I still deal with moments of anger, self doubt, fears and self destructive behavior. I have come to accept these moments as part of my human condition and a sign something needs to be looked at, dealt with or changed. These times have become cherished learning experiences and have brought forth some awesome results and experiences. I can not say if the medication path would have been better. There is certainly that possibility.

    I am responding to this post to remind myself and share my gratitude. I have and am going through a time of great loss. In these times questioning myself and my actions are the rule of thumb. Feeling and acknowledging this loss is not easy. My tendencies are to slip in the depression and avoid feeling. Thank you for this avenue of expression. I hope my personal experience dealing with my own depression helps someone else, sharing it has helped me.


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